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What do you think is a strategic conversation?

A strategic conversation is a creative, collaborative problem-solving session tackling a messy, open-ended challenge.   It differs from a traditional meeting that is often focused on one-way updates of information (e.g. sales pipeline calls or typical board meetings) in that it's intentionally designed to foster two-way conversation and discovery of new ideas. And, it differs from a more open-ended brainstorm session that is often focused only on prompting new ideas in divergent and provocative ways, but often isn't grounded in the larger strategic context or process of the issue (e.g. a fun "post-it" party but the ideas are often don't make it out of room with any significant momentum to carry forward).

Designing a strategic conversation means creating a shared experience where the most pressing strategic issues facing an organization are openly explored from a variety of angles. An experience where all assumptions that make up the mental maps (or beliefs about a topic) are examined. An experience where new stories about your future successes are explored, tested and refined. An experience that engages a group in a deeper level of discussion than they thought possible.

When done well, strategic conversations inspire pivotal, synthesizing moments within the larger process of change, releasing tremendous energy and create forward momentum with a team or organization.

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