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“A practice-based approach moves us away from unattainable ideas lf perfection or fixed goals and allows us to become more compassionate, particularly to ourselves. The emphasis shifts from trying to avoid mistakes, to learning from them. Instead of ‘Is it right?’ we start to ask ‘Does it help?’ Framing leadership as a practice also starts to erode the unhelpful notion that it is an innate ability.”

Robert Poynton from “Do/ Improvise: Less Push. More Pause. Better Results. A new approach to work (and life).”, #

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We are “they”

A new reality set in. There was no ‘they’ to teach me: I was the they. When I graduated from college, I was determined  to change the world. It was 1993 — Bill Clinton’s exciting first year as president — and I headed to Washington DC with my newly minted government degree. I didn’t know that much […]

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What do you think is a strategic conversation?

A strategic conversation is a creative, collaborative problem-solving session tackling a messy, open-ended challenge.   It differs from a traditional meeting that is often focused on one-way updates of information (e.g. sales pipeline calls or typical board meetings) in that it’s intentionally designed to foster two-way conversation and discovery of new ideas. And, it differs from […]

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Why isn’t innovation taught in the classroom?

Innovation is hard to teach because it’s inherently messy, unpredictable and team-oriented – which makes success hard to measure in a quantifiable way. This mindset is at odds with the traditional constructs of education, where students are taught to think and act in accordance with existing guides, chase down “right” answers, and are measured and […]

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The Rise of the Producer.

The Real Winners of the Oscars (and what it tells us about innovation) No doubt you have completed at least one Oscar ballot in anticipation of this Sunday’s 2015 Oscar telecast, the grand dame of Hollywood’s awards show season. Along with the Golden Globes, the Screen Actor’s Guild Awards, the Spirit Awards, the Oscars not […]

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The New MBA: Mastering Business Ambiguity

Source: Franzi Sessler, DMBA Student, Design Strategist and Creative Director Fifteen years ago, I earned a Masters in Business Administration from a top business school. I studied the prescribed disciplines of marketing, economics, finance, operations, organizational behavior and leadership through lectures, textbooks, case studies, and group assignments. I learned that marketing revolved around 4 P’s, […]